Adobo Bowl 8.50
braised pork belly, adobo sauce, soft boiled egg, scallions


Fried Chicken Adobo 8.50
boneless chicken thigh, signature adobo sauce, soft boiled egg, scallions

Pork Belly & Umami Gravy 8.50
braised pork belly, umami gravy, seaweed, scallions, pickled red radish

Shredded Pork Bowl 8.50
braised pork, roasted sesame seed, scallions, seaweed, pickled red radish

Loco Burger Bowl 8.50
angus beef burger, umami gravy, fried egg, seaweed, scallions

Tapsilog 8.50
marinated thinly sliced angus beef, garlic rice, fried egg, pickled red radish

Karaage Rice Bowl 8.50
japanese fried chicken, umami gravy, seaweed, scallions, sesame seed, pickled red radish


Chicken Longanisa 8.50

Sweet cured ground chicken, garlic rice, fried egg, red radish, scallions


Dynamite Crawfish 11

crawfish tail meat, dynamite sauce, red radish, seaweed, eel sauce, sesame seed


Mushrooms and Egg 10

king oyster mushrooms, enoki, bunapi, oyster mushrooms, cotija, shishito pepper, soft boiled egg, rice




Pork Bun 4

braised pork belly, hoisin, sriracha, cucumber, scallions


Karaage Fried Chicken Bun 4

Japanse fried chicken, lemon mayo, cucumber, green leafy lettuce, scallions


Angus Burger Bun 4

angus beef burger, mayo, swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms and onions


Oi Burger 10

angus beef burger, pickled red onions, truffled balsamic shiitake mushrooms, muenster cheese, mayo, arugula, pretzel bun 




5 pcs Karaage Fried Chicken 8

Japanese style fried chicken  served with one of our home made dipping sauce


Dynamite Sweet Fries 5

sweet potato fries, dynamite sauce, garlic confit, cilantro


Pork Belly Jicama Tacos 5

seared pork belly, jicama taco shell, sriracha, cilantro, pickled red onions


8 pcs Pork Egg Rolls 5


French Fries 3


Sweet Potato Fries 4




Umami Gravy


Wasabi Cream


Garlic Sauce


Dynamite Sauce


Cilantro Cream






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